It’s been a long time since our last .hack//frägment themed release, however there is a good reason for that.

We’ve been busy with quite a lot of things over the last year, from fixing stuff to enhancing things.

Not-so-obvious The Walking Dead jokes aside, a good bunch of things have been moving over the last year.

We have started work on our Area Emulator project, a work-in-progress server emulator meant to eventually replace the now dated Area Server, and, of course, a new client which started as a oh so small bug fix, but grew out of proportions pretty quickly, eventually becoming the behemoth that Build 8 is now.

With a brand new .hack//GU themed interface, a new easier to read font and text parser, as well as a big variety of other improvements, Build 8 marks one of the biggest changes in our project to date.

Along with the new client build comes a new obligatory Area Server update, which fixes a handful of known issues.

For a full changelog, please refer to this forum post.

The new files themselves can be access on our project page, as usual.

.hack//frägment Build 8 is live!

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