We thank our patrons for the support they have given us, but due to friction in the community caused by trolls, cheaters and other vile beings and a set of unfixable game exploits they were using in the process, we are forced to shut down .hack//frägment indefinitely.

Whether we will resume service at a later date or not is yet to be decided, but for now, this is it.

I thank our beta-testers and other people that have stuck with us for their support, and those that didn’t, you won’t be missed.

I also thank the select few people that decided to support this project on our Patreon, your contribution however will no longer be required, unless you wish to support future projects or leave a tip for our team.

It was a fun ride while it lasted, and I’m sad to see it go but if all we earn for our work are complaints and accusations of how we don’t care or do anything, when in reality we’ve been through hell trying to put a lid on exploits and fixing things that CC2 should have fixed way before the original release of .hack//frägment already, then it simply isn’t worth it anymore in our book.

.hack//frägment is dead (again)